Strategic Action Plan

About the FuturePorts Strategic Action Plan  

To set a balanced course that meets Southern California’s economic, environmental and social goals, FuturePorts will:

  • Serve as a regional voice for our members at local, state and federal regulatory and legislative agencies on issues affecting the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex and its industry providers; monitor and report on these agency actions.
  • Participate in agency planning programs and decision-making.
  • Formulate policy positions on planning and regulatory issues affecting the ports and shipping supply chain.
  • Establish pro-active approaches to environmental issues by promoting port and industry stewardship and emphasizing the importance of balanced, reasonable and cost-feasible strategies. 
  • Identify local and regional solutions to eliminate congestion bottlenecks and achieve much-needed air quality improvements.
  • Identify critical construction projects and develop strategies for eliminating delays in project funding, environmental permitting and construction.
  • Increase public awareness and knowledge about the value of the ports and industry services for the community at large.