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Economic Benefits

The Economy, Goods Movement, and Your Job in Southern California: What You Need to Know (.pdf)

Logistics Industry Resources

  1. "America's Ports Today" Brochure from American Association of Port Authorities (.pdf)
  2. Multi-County Goods Movement Action Plan Technical Memorandum 5a: Economic Benefits and Costs of Growth in Goods Movement (August 2006) (.pdf)
  3. Port of Long Beach Fact Sheet (.pdf)
  4. Port of Lost Angeles Fact Sheet (.pdf)
  5. Other Links
  6. State of Logistics Report (2007) - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals - available for sale at CSCMP website

California Policy

  1. PPIC Survey - California 2025 Summary (.pdf)
  2. California Air Resources Board - Draft Concepts for Implementation of the Emissions Mitigation portion of Proposition 1B (.pdf)
  3. Original ballot language for Proposition 1B (.pdf)
  4. Allocation plan for California State Transportation Improvement Program 2007 (.pdf)
  5. TCIF Guideline document from CTC from November 5th (.pdf)
  6. Chaptered Language from SB88: California bill addressing Proposition 1B bond funding (.pdf)
  7. Chaptered Language from AB201 California bill amending a portion of SB88 (.pdf)

Economic Forecasts

  1. Drewry Annual Container Market Review and Forecast 2007-08 - Report Summary (.pdf)
  2. LAEDC Economic Forecast 2007-08 (.pdf)
  3. LAEDC Trade Trends and Impacts 2007 (.pdf)


  1. Environmental Achievements of California Logistics - Spring 2007 (.pdf)

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